Monday, March 1, 2010

Argus fever

The World Funride Champ is upon us.
It will be my 20th.

Here's some of the reasons i keep going back - apart from it being an excellent excuse to visit friends and family:

- One night in 3 susters when we queued for fuel - together with LOTS of other cars with bikes on
- Or if you fly down, the vibe at the airport - the millions of bikes, the passengers with helmets sticking out of their hand luggage - you know where they're off to :)
- the expo
- Or when you drive from George or Vredenburg on a Friday afternoon, the convoy of cars all going to the same place. You're one with the world. You belong.
- Getting up early on sunday morning, and the drive into town with millions (ok, maybe only 1000's) of cars with bikes on, on their way to the same place
- the vibe at the start ... the count-down, the music, everybody say whoplaaaa - this is the same, whether you're racing for a pb or dressed up on a borrowed nountain bike
- The people and cycle-tour-specific billboards on that first few kays
- seeing the top of that fist climb just before the blue route
- Flying down the blue route
- Coming over the top of smitswinkel, and then flying towards kommetjie
- misty cliffs. this must be the most beautiful part of the route.
- Chappies. even the climb is pretty.
- Flying down chappies. that's why we cycle!
- Suikerbossie. it's a horrible climb but WHAT a vibe! you feel like a champ, cant get off the bike here, there's too many people wanting you up
- Reaching the top of suikerbossie
- Sprinting, and then that horrible short climbie at bakoven
- The finish :)
- The one year that you did two laps - the incredible feeling of aliveness as you become part of the festivities ans suffering on the second lap.
- Waiting a whole year for another one.

Here's to 2010: Everybody say whop-la!

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