Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mankele Winter madness

Studies was getting too much, so when the BoomhuisBende organised a Mankele-weekend, I simply had to join. 

T'was too cold for camping, so we stayed in the chalets. 

Late saturday morning we climbed up the green route and then bombed down the bushtunnels. You haven't ridden a bushtunnel before you've ridden a Mankele Bushtunnel.

 The tubing-singletrack just next to the river was clearly not made for 29ers.

On Sunday we went up the green climb again, and then down the Avalanche route.

Mankele fun


There was some Gluhwein, a prawn curry, Mummy mans famous waterblommetjies, guitar serenades, hot chocolate, cranium, tripple chocolate muffins, skurwe abrahams and red wine. But mostly singletrack :D

Now back to the books.