Thursday, August 4, 2005


t'was cloudy for days. The first time we saw the mountain, was one night after supper on a moonlit night.

the most beautiful part of the mountain is that you're in a totally different landscape every day. You walk through Rainforest, Fynbos, Grassland and desert.

these slate rocks on the way to 'base camp' are musical - you can put up a whole orchestra by hitting these with trekking poles.

the glaciers at the top are melting fast: better get there before all is gone :(

my cousin sanelle & I on top of the world :)


Spent a few days on the spice island after climbing the mountain. Didn't have my mountainbike with me - but felt a lot more at home when i saw that you could rent them. I haven't investigated, there was too much else to do and too little time - but i'll remember for next time :)