Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RIP swampdog Allan

Swampdog founder Allan Laudin died of a heart attack last night.

TimesLive quoted him last week in an article about mountain biking:

What gets Laudin onto his saddle is the "freedom of riding the trails in the company of fellow mountain bikers with a passion for single-track ... meeting new communities, seeing beautiful and panoramic vistas, resting beside the streams and sharing food and conversation".

I will remember him for the pretty trails that we rode together, for the greetings and laughs when we saw each other in the Spruit, and for his sense of humour.

May there be lots of singletrack where he is now.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Micra finally grew up

Got tired of having to choose my paddling buddies* according to whether their cars could transport boats - so the Micra got a roofrack the weekend. Here's the K2** (and the hardtail) ready for action at Emmarentia on Sunday.

Now isn't this just the sexiest Micra out there?

* Pablo you're still my favourite paddling-buddy; it's just that you're not always available.
** That's Mummy-man's cradles on the roofrack; i'll get my own cradles as soon as the credit card recovered from the Himalaya-thingy.