Friday, March 26, 2010

bikepark tuesday night

The MTN bikepark is open on Tuesday nights till 8-ish.
Leave the office early to get through the traffic, and i can be on the bike by 5-ish.
Play till dark, fit a light, and play some more.

Few things beat being on your bike on singletrack and awesome little bridgies, riding tight corners or steep short hills, while traffic's not going anywhere on the N1 next door.

Here's gerard on one of the bridgies, with Pablo underneath.

Zombie birdhouse is open, at last! Lots of new tight turns and short steep climbies.
Oh, and wetlands now has a narrow bridgie-thingy, yaaay!

R300 for a 10-entry-ticket over 6 months. A little more than groenkloof, but excellent for safe midweek-trainig, especially if the open-till-late means you can add some training-time to the short winter-days.
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