Monday, March 8, 2010

Still the best R18.50 you can spend

didn't want to get off the bike after the second lap in groenkloof today ... but needed some run-time too.

the running trails are superb!

For R18.50 you can get:

- a vida coffee


- friendly cyclists with big grins
- free therapy from what-ever work-stresses of the past week, and clear your head for the week ahead
- have 4 zebras divide the cycling group
- train your river-cycling skills (where does all that water on my favourite piece of singletrack come from?)
- watch 9 giraffes not minding the cyclists
- bridges, technical climbs, one boring climb to keep the roadie-friends happy
- verry nice hiking trails for trailrunning

- and get to call it 'training'

- AND moyos just next door for after-ride munchies.

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