Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday's Kinetic Adventure

'Just for you', Heidi said, 'we've added lots of singletrack for the next Kinetic sprint'.

She knows me well. I prefer singletrack and technical climbs and juicy riding to boring district roads. My friends Dawn and Gail both share my idea of fun, so they joined me for Sunday's sprint.

The cycling leg started with lots of climbing, NICE downhills, a quick pump to protect the non-tubeless tyre from the rocks, going back to fetch a missed control.

Then a bit of running which included finding 3 'Run 1' controls on 'Run 2' maps.

Some more cycling which included AWESOME bits of singletrack, then another running leg which the walkie talkies mostly walked and talked - except when we saw the cameraman :)

(this, and the next picture, were lifted off kinetic's picture site, see more here)

A paddling leg on a totally unsteerable boat with 3 women drivers .... we t-boned and bumped the other boats (and ourselves) out of the way, and just as we learnnt how to steer the boat, it was time to take out.

Both my team members do agility with their dogs; both of them loved being on the 'people-agility' side of things for a change. Some help from another team (whose helmet we rescued while on the paddle) to get over the obstacles, and then a sprint up the stairs to the finish.

.... and for our effort we got some vouchers to go spend on products in the kenetic shop - here we are on the podium (possie 2)

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!!!

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