Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How i'm going to make South Africa's roads safer

gonna wear a black armband on sunday on the Argus tour.

For the cyclists killed yesterday morning.

It will also be a reminder of my pledge to make the South African roads safer.

when on my bike on public roads i'll:
- respect traffic rules
- know that i'm invisible to all vehicles
- ride single file
- in an event, when there's not full road closure, ensure that i stay on the left side of the white line
- wear my helmet - and fasten it (2 guys in groenkloof on sunday - one with helmet, but not fastened, and the other one with his helmet in his backpack???)
- wave and smile thank you when-ever a car noticed me and gave me a gap (even though it was legally my turn at the green traffic light)

when i'm in my car i'll
- not answer the cell phone if i don't have my hands free kit already on the phone (that includes not fumbling for the hands free kit when the phone rings) - calling back is cheaper than repairing damage to the car
- not type sms's
- not put on make-up while in traffic (was watching the whole episode in the car in front of me last week - from base to mascara and liquid eyeliner, 4 different shades of eye-shaddow, lips, even the hair)
- not accelerate when the traffic light is red
- not clog up the whole intersection when the light is green, so that no-one else can get through when it's their turn
- be curteous to at least one driver a day (even if it is a taxi) - with some luck he'll pass it on.

anybody else who wants to help me with this??
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