Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tree: 1. Cat-i: 0.

So there i was merrily cycling down the juicy piece of singletrack between the botanical gardens and Barry Hertzog. Flying passed a guy to come around a corner to a fallen tree. Quickly evaluate, yes, I'll have to sit very low, but I'll make it underneath. Oooh, it's very rutted under the tree, pick a nice line to clear that .... and completely totally FORGOT about the tree.


Hitting the tree with my helmet at about 20 kays per hour. Dude that i passed just now, must have thought 'what an idiot'.

Tree didn't move an inch. My head went from 20 - 0 in a splitsecond.

Sore neck & shoulders and lower back.

No other scratches, so get on bike, continue (now much slower)

Woke up this morning without the headache, but with a very sore neck & shoulders. Realised that Dark & Dirty-ing tonight in this condition (not being able to look around) might not be a very bright idea :(

That's how it came that I'm sitting in front of a PC at 18:07 on a Thursday evening, with clear blue skies and an almost-full moon later tonight ... in stead of on my way to the moo mall.

have fun, you okes!

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