Friday, February 5, 2010

Reliving the Cape of Storms tandem Argus

I found Kyle Damon's report about him and Matt's tandem Argus adventure today.

Having piloted a blind tandem in the Cape's best south-easter last year, with a stoker out-weighing me by about 30 kgs, I could fully appreciate Kyle's description of the (lack of) control over the bike - even without adding the wind factor and having to dodge falling cyclists down Chappies.

We didn't have the luxury of a support car - in fact, when we broke down on a training ride a month before the Argus, not even the official vehicles would stop to offer help - we were on a tandem and there was a guy with me, so I should be OK, mos.

Our ride might have been easier, though - at least we had all the gears (and we used all of them), both of us were sort of used to cycling, and we weren't constantly tempted with luxury rides and public excuses.

It's a fun description of a memorable day - go read it.

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