Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the packing list

Qatar allows 20 kg check-in baggage, and 7 kg hand-luggage for economy class. And a whole lot of pounds for any overweight.

Spent most of the weekend weighing stuff with the kitchen scale.

Here's the packing list so far:

Check-in baggage:
This will be the bike box with bike and sleeping bag, and other things that I most likely won't be allowed to take on board as hand luggage.

  • Bicycle - 13.5 kg - it's in the shop at the moment to have the (lighter) shock fitted, and the trance's wheel are lighter (300g) - so I'm hoping this would weigh in at less than 13 kg
  • Bike Box & Sleeping bag - 5 kg
  • Salomon bag & 3l bladder - 700g (it's 200g ligher than the pretty green camelback)
  • Bike-tools - 850g (2 spare tubes, tyre levers, drop-out, multitool, knife, brake pads, pump, chainlinks. Lube not included yet, and no chain tool.)
  • Medication - 420g (pain killers, vits, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, rehydrate, med-lemon, plasters. Water purification tablets/fluid not included yet.)
  • Toiletries - 400g (this one i'm proud of - it includes a towel, the toiletry bag, shampoo, laundry soap, toothpaste, wet-wipes AND make-up! waterless hand cleaner not included yet.)

This adds up to almost 21 kg, and i still have to add a few grams for the tape to tape the box up. I might split the toiletries to take stuff out that would be allowed to fly, and possibly take the tubes as hand-luggage too. I will re-assess when i got the bike back from the bikeshop and see what the final verdict is.

Hand luggage:
  • Camera bag with camera, tiny headlight, cellphone, passport, other travel docs and book - this i'm not planning on giving to anyone to weigh :)
  • I'm wearing softshell pants, shortsleeved cycling shirt, thermal (my new yellow soccer-friday puffadder), down jacket, cycling shoes and buff. thermal windbloc gloves goes in the pocket of the down jacket.
  • All the clothes (that i'm not wearing) will go as hand luggage. I wonder what the immigration official will say if he orders me to pack out, and there's 3 set of cycling shorts in the bag. Anyway - here's the list:

  • cyclingshort * 3 = 450g (capestorm is slightly lighter than first ascent, so capestorm it will be)
  • rain pants = 250g
  • shortsleeve t = 110g (the favourite fox-shirt is 30g heavier than the capestorm shirt. am wondering if i need another one - apart from the one i'm wearing?)
  • longsleeve t = 150g (t-shirt means those nice wicking running shirts from capestorm that i use for cycling.)
  • thermal longsleeve top = 150g (the capestorm version of helly hansen)
  • wind jammer = 100g (the red helium jacket, and not my favourite dayglo cirrus jacket, which is 200g heavier)
  • ear muff = 10g
  • fleece pants * 1 = 300g (capestorm hotrod)
  • arm warmers = 50g
  • rain jacket = 420g
  • waterproof overmittens = 80g
  • hair beanie = 150g (capestorm freak - my license to never comb my hair when i'm touring)
  • sleeping bag liner = 150g
  • leg warmers (windproof) = 180g
  • underwear & socks * 2 each = 300g (one website suggests 5 pairs, so i might up this - and possibly buy a pair or 2 of socks in kathmandu)
  • bag to put it all in = 700g

Hand luggage weighs in at less than 4 kg at this stage - lots of space for pocket espressos and south african flags :D

Being a 'base' for lots of trekkers to the Himalayas, there's a few hiking shops in Kathmandu - so i'm planning to buy a few things in Kathmandu, among other things a sarong of some sorts to put on over cycling pants when off the bike, thermal long johns, and maybe a pair or 2 of socks.

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