Monday, May 31, 2010


Saw a lot of YAPs and YATs (yet another temple) ... the Potala palace this morning was spectacular. Haven't seen any yaks yet.
Did eat a few, though - on a yakburger, fried, as a steak - it's best in curry :)
3600m above sea level. it's hot, between 30 and 40 degrees. Perfect summer days. Air is very dry - i'm goin nowwhere without a bottle of water, lip-ice and some face cream! It's hot, i hope i get to use all the cold weather gear i brought! There's a lot of hiking shops here in Lhasa, but unfortunately i have everything i need :)
There's an incoming or outgoing mail stuck in the phone's in/outbox, so i can't use it for mail at the moment - so i can't post pictures from there at the moment.
Finally begin cycling tomorrow. The support team arrived, and are buying our food now. I think it's a flattish 85, haven't checked.

The box was badly damaged on the three flights, but bike arrived undamaged and with all the parts. The tubeless tube came off. There's a few bike shops in Lhasa, but bikes don't run on tubeless. Motorbikes don't run on tubeless either, so i'll put a tube in this afternoon, and then go test it.

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