Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Geek Day

Star-wars fans and other geeks celebrate Geek Pride Day world-wide on 25 May - the date that the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977. 25 May also happen to be  International Towel Day (an indispensable item when you hitchhike through the galaxy), which was celebrated for the first time 2 weeks after Douglas Adams' death in 2001.

Excitement in our office started building quite a while ago when we all completed the geek test to find our geek scores. (Can't work in the IT department and NOT celebrate geek day!) We put up everyone's scores, nagged those who hasn't taken the test yet, watched star wars over weekends and then retook the test to beat someone else. Forgotten (and sometimes not so forgotten) cupboards were searched for working Light Sabres, Rubiks' cubes of every shape and size, Star Wars chess sets, cards and monopoly, working Atari consoles, the installation floppies for forgotten Dos text-based Hitchiker's Guide games, Dungeons & Dragons manuals, 20-year-old working Tetris consoles, and a complete collection of every Star Wars movie that was ever made. Invitations were made in green-on-black dos fonts, and instructions to the venue were coded in C# and in SQL.

Like true geeks, we turned to Google to find out what we're supposed to wear on Geek day. It turned out that it's business as usual - jeans and t-shirts - so we decided to up the game a bit. We had Superheroes, Harry Potters, Nutty Professors and Girl-geeks in every shape and size.

A very fun day at the office - it's cool to be a geek!
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