Monday, May 3, 2010

joberg2c day 9: fast & furious

Jolivet to Scottburgh
75 km; 1235 m vertical ascent
(that's what they claim, but i only measured 60-something kays and about 900m vertical ascent)
3:23, with the customary hour penalty

here's the film crew before the start:

it was a most stunning morning. i felt much better than on yesterday's long climbs. the day started fast with lots of downhills through sugar plantations. A climb or two (steep at stages).

then on to vernon crookes and those rocky climbs which i almost managed - cycled the whole thing, but had to put feet down a few times. oh, well, there's always next time.

the singletrack started very fast, but we caught up with a baby zebra and 3 big zebras always running between the baby and the cyclists. the zebra were rattled, so we cycled slower and slower - after a few long kilometers, it realised that it could get off the tracks, and the mad racing continued.

caught up with the tandem, got a push (from the black trek) up the last 20 metres of one particularly steep hill (just before the last waterpoint) ... then some district road, short sweet climbs followed by longer sweeter downhills ... and too soon i reached the concrete pipe, the last bit of forest singletrack and the last bridge towards the beach.

too soon it's over.

wow what a ride!
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