Monday, January 17, 2011

Another extra-ordinary ride on the same weekend

The other extra-ordinary ride was on Sunday in the ordinary Groenkloof. Except that there's nothing ordinary about Groenkloof.

It was wet and deserted - besides Zu & myself, we saw one adventure racing team on what looked like hiking training, and 3 other cyclists with huge grins. 

 There's a lot more singletrack than when i saw it last. Something for everyone: some gravelroad, fast flowing singletrack, downhill switchbacks, technical singletrack, some highergrade technical singletrack (which I'll have to go back for, because I couldn't clear it) and enough reason to stop and take pictures if you overestimated your fitness levels :)

Note to self: go there more often - and next time take running shoes with.

Still the best R23.00 you could spend in Pretoria.


ShellyD said...

Okay, you're making me want to give up the road bike. Think my mountain bike needs to be dusted off and used.

cat-i said...

oooooo shelly just say when! i'd LOVE to go ride in groenies with you :D