Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday

It's finally Friday.
It became Friday too quickly.

One day i was contemplating if i shall jump in & do this ride. The wuzzie-one, at least.
The next day it was Friday afternoon.

Far too soon.

The race has started.
The runners were out there all day, first finishers expected any moment.
The first batch of cyclists start tomorrow, while some nutters decided to go do Induna as some last-minute training.

The bike is washed, the tyres re-stans'ed and trued.
Piles of cycling clothes, tools and winter-gear are now sorted, packed and ready to go.
Only thing left to do is to replace ride-snacks that mysteriously disappeared from the race-box during the last week.

Too soon.
Can't wait!!!

Good luck to the Freedom Challengers, the Rasa-ers and the R2R-ers!
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