Monday, June 8, 2009


Late autumn, a perfect day for playing in the Spruit. The muddy patches are mostly dried up, the winter dust hasn't dusted yet, and brown and yellow leaves all over the singletrack.

Sunday morning was a most beautiful day in Jozi. It was a windless day with clear blue skies and a few irresponsible mountain biker buddies that know where to find all the juicy technical bits. And know how to ride them.

'twas a ride to celebrate freedom - Freedom of the Spruit, Freedom to ride Mellville-koppies, Freedom to be outside in winter, to ride proper offroad right in the middle of Jozi. Freedom to start the ride only at 8:30 - and not the ridiculous early hours that the freedom challengers seem to think is appropiate to start a ride :)

And Freedom to play rather than train, because it was only a week to go to r2r, and finally - finally - it was too late; training would not make any difference any more.

A late long lazy brunch afterwards.

THIS is why I mountain bike.

On the academic side:
  • found a map board, hoping to fit it tonight
  • finally we have some bad weather here - may test some of the winter-gear tomorrow morning on my commute to work
  • finally downloaded the maps and instructions
  • capestorm stuff is on it's way
  • camera is still at customs - hope it gets released on time
  • bike needs a wash after sunday's ride only a pleasure to wash the bike after a ride like sunday's :D
  • top up the stan's in the tubes

Results of the accidental front-brake-experiment:

Accidently used the hardtail's front wheel on the Trance yesterday.
Juicy five brakes are compatible with hayes disks :)
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