Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Filling a 100 litre tub

It's so much easier, doing the r2r.

You can, for instance, pack a clean set of cycling clothes for every day.
Warm (clean) clothes for the evenings.
A full-sized toothbrush :)
Big towel and soap.
Living up to the RASA expectations of looking like a tourist in the evenings, all clean and dry and smelling of soap.

You have, after all, 100 litres' worth of space.
Which is about double what the Freedom Challengers have, at 26*2 litre ... for about a quarter of the distance. Yes, lots of space.

With the Freedom Challengers' boxes already on its way to Capetown, and with all the talking and blogging about what they packed, and how, and how to get everything else in the 30-litre-backpacks, you feel a little left out. So you decide to go find a 100 litre box (to get an estimate of quantities) and put your stuffs together.
Just in case you have to go to the capestorm shoppie once more.

'If in doubt, take it with', one of the freedom challengers said, 'you can always leave it in the box if you don't need it.'
'I'll carry your fruitcake', you replied. 'I've got planty of space. Need me to carry some coke for you as well?'

100 litres. LOTS of space. Clean clothes for the evenings, warm stuffs, pretty pink fleeces and cute beanies with hair. Polar buffs. Gloves from the last time you climbed a real mountain.

Throw everything out in the spare room, box goes in the corner.

Big box. Lots of space.

Start packing.

In the box:
  • a few spare tubes
  • a chain
  • a tyre
  • half a bottle of stan's (cos you have it)
  • lube - wet and dry
  • a front derailleur (because you have it)
  • 2 skewers - front and back (because they were lying around in the house)
  • 2 of those little wheel-thingies that goes onto the derailleur
  • some tools
  • 6 sets of cycling clothing - shorts, shirts, long- and shortsleeved
  • a fleece or 2
  • fleece pants for the nights
  • 2 sets of legwarmers
  • 1 set of armwarmers
  • a fleece headband
  • 2 buffs
  • civvies for day after the ride
  • full sized toothbrush
  • sunscreen
  • odds & ends
  • rain jacket & pants
  • make-up and unmentionables, as suggested by Gadget and his buddies and buddettes
  • you're sure you read somewhere that someone recommended you take a sleepingbag with
100 litres. errrrrmm ... not that much space after all.

You'll have to rethink the game plan, then.
Back to the drawing board.


Andre said...

You want pics of am easy mapboard?

Anonymous said...

Carine - it may help a bit, but the rules say that we can take 110 litres - use the extra 10 for wine?