Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Resolutions

The Argus Tour is 3 months away and Sani2C in May. And
 I haven't been on the bike since the bit of Cederberg-exploring in December (and before that, 94.7 in November).

So the New Year Resolutions included, among other things, getting some time in on the bike.

Then South African Mountain Bike hero died in an accident involving a car on Thursday. This weekend, according to Twitter reports, 2 more cyclists were hit by cars on Friday, and another one killed on Sunday. And today a tweet from someone who passed yet another cycling accident this afternoon.

When will it stop?

I was driving home one night after a Critical Mass. There were 3 cyclists on Emmarentia avenue - riding right in the middle of the road - with some dark coloured clothing and no lights. NO LIGHTS. No law of 1.5 m would have helped them. I drove behind them for a while to protect them from other cars coming from behind who also might not see them. At a traffic light i told the one guy that they were totally invisible .... and I got a finger and some words i didn't care to decipher. So I stopped riding behind them. I assumed they got safely home because I didn't hear about any incidents afterwards.

Point is: we are all responsible for our own safety:

So here's my 2013 resolutions:

When driving:Not typing on a cellphone while driving
Not taking calls or reading whatsapp messages while driving
Respecting other road-users. It's not going to take much time and it may save a life.

When cycling:Making eye contact with any driver that may be a threat. And slow down regardless ... he may underestimate your speed
Assuming that i am invisible, regardless of the bright clothes and blinking lights
Showing respect to all other road- and pavement users
Acknowledging drivers when they see me at an intersection and give me way, even if I had right of way to start with

Every single time. It only takes a minute of non-concentration and someone may be gone.

Here's to a safer 2013.
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