Thursday, April 29, 2010

joberg2c day 7: sani2c dualtracks at last!

underberg to mackenzie
86 km; 1110 m vertical ascent in a gentle 4:41

k, let me try again - the first post got lost in cyberspace

i forgot what a pleasure it is to cycle between underberg and mackenzie ... and couldn't belive how we could miss the tracks between mackenzie and donnybrook last year on ride2rhodes (but to our defense - it WAS dark)

anyway, was a very quick stage, some lovely dualtrack, very little congestion (at least at the back of the pack.

cycled with mr phil liggit for the first 30 kays - until the camera crew attacked him on the first waterpoint. here he is at the first dualtracks of the day:

the floating bridge was lying on a dry dam, but still fun:

lots of fun singletrack and dualtrack - THIS is why everyone raves about sani2c :)

got a few questions about the daily penalties ... that's cos there is no 'team' :(
paul is just way too fast, so i suggested he go ride with the front bunches where he won't be so bored. i get to ride at my own pace, in stead of chasing him without ever stopping to eat, fill up, dress down, tie shoelaces or take pictures, and both of us get to ride some of south africa's most spectacular singletrack - so it's win-win. the hour penalty every day is not the end of the world, we wouldn't have won the race anyway :)
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