Monday, April 26, 2010

joberg2c day 4: magic

Sterkfontein Dam to Winterton
126 km; 1937 m vertical ascent; 8:24, but with an hour penalty (and some time added for the team mate's slower time)

some most excellent riding.

a bit of district road to get onto the berg&bush descent route. a festive waterpoint with a view over the whole valley. then dropping into it, with some short steep climbs inbetween to break the monotony of downhilling :)

The rest of the day was a blur of most excellent cycling, some horrible climbie or two (spioenkop comes to mind) and some more singletrack and downhills to match.

it was a lovely singletrack next to a river to get to the last waterpoint - where there were espressos. This was also the halfway-mark - here's the waterpoint:

after this, it was more singletrack, this time on the other side of the river, and the other direction - then there was a steep rocky climb, the mamba - i got off and walked some of it. Some more singletrack, and finally some tufties through mealie fields, and Winterton.

i came in just before 4, with more than an hour to cut-off - AND beat the tandem of andre/mike (but they didn't know i was racing them, so it doesn't count).

I cycled with lots of cool people today - saw the tandem out there, the black trek who always smiles and cheers me on, the 2 teams who talked me over the last few tufties, the 2 girls in pink who just never seems to get tired, the guys in fairbairn capital-green cycling kit, glenn who just appears at all the waterpoints to wash and lube my bike - and wappa who cheers me on every time he sees me on the route.

a good day at the office. and tomorrow there's more :)

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