Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Extreme Dinner 2010

Off-bike adventures with the slightly-crazy Mummy

Entrance fee on the Mnweni side is R25, and then it's R35 per day. Times 2 people, made the total amount R260. Agrippa couldn't use credit cards, and by the time we counted all our change, we had exactly 20c to spare. So we packed the chocolates and glasses and wine and bottled peppers and cheese and chocolates and off we went. Weather turned nasty, and we opted to stay in a cave that we found at the bottom of Rockeries, in stead of going up the pass.

There were lots of lovely green plants growing all around the cave. Wondered if i would be able to make one grow in a pot at home - such a healthy green colour.

Here's the Mummy ironing his clothes before the dinner party. These dinners are quite formal affairs, can't be seen with wrinkled clothes.

... and here he is in the jacuzzi, getting ready for the party. Can't be dirty either.

The best view that any jacuzzi possibly can have

Here he is baking pancakes .... pancakes just won't be the same if they're not baked in the Jamie Oliver pan.

.. and some after-dinner chess and wine - and some chocolates - the perfect end to a perfect evening.

Someone told the Mummy that milk is good for that morning-after-ness.

A lovely weekend :)
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