Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Alaskan version of Freedom Challenge

Up till a few days ago I thought Freedom Challenge was the most extreme physical anything any person can put himself through - possibly (only maybe) with the exception of climbing Mt Everest.

The heroes and heroines drag their bicycles over mountains for endless kilometers. Unsupported. They face gale-force winds, snow, mud, hail, killer-proteas, mechanical failures, map-reading-disabilities, map-maker-disabilities, injuries, sleeping in stables or outside - all so that they can earn the title of blanket-wearer.

I thought this was the most extreme event ever.

Then I stumbled accross the Alaskan version of the Freedom Challenge

(map from their website)

Advertised as the world's longest Winter Ultra Race Across Frozen Alaska, this is 1 100 miles of unsupported cycling across ... welll ... ice. In winter.

Like with Freedom Challenge, there are support stations where riders can get food and shelter. Outside of these, you're on your own.
Like Freedom challenge, there is a 'lighter' version of 'only' 350 miles. Equally unsupported. Equally cold.

Like freedom challenge, there is a higher_grade version if the cycling alone is not hard enough for you: you can do the whole distance on foot!

The event for 2010 is sold out.

So who's got some leave for early 2011??

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