Monday, January 5, 2015

Cederberg Singletrack (Sanddrif)

If you ever have the chance to go camping at Sanddrif, take the mountainbike with.

Routes are sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky, sometimes both, sometimes rough jeeptrack, sometimes steep and sometimes very technical. But the views are always world-class, camping cheap, and the river and 'Maalgat' always has water in to cool down afterwards.

Cycling permits are included in your camping fees; get a map at the office when you check in. The green route is the shortest; a 7 km loop that clims up to the start of the 'Wolfberg Cracks' hike, and then stay on the contour a bit (some sandy sections) before coming down on steep singletrack, crossing a river (drinkable water) before joining a jeeptrack back to the campsite.

The Orange route starts with the same climb but continue along the contour with more rocky climbs, sandy sections and a very technical but exquisite downhill singletrack. Lower the seat, or get off and walk - the closest medical attention is in Clanwilliam, but you'll have to get off the mountain first.
The orange then join the jeeptrack that can take you back to the campsite, or to the Kliphuis campsite (Sanddrift's overflow) on sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy but often fast flowing singletrack.  It crosses a river (deep enough for a swim-stop) before continuing to the campsite and then to the dirt road. From there the red and purple turn Clanwilliam's direction to join the singletrack on the other side of the road; Green and orange turn back to the campsite on the gravelroad.

Other things to do:
- Check out the Stadsaal Caves. Get a permit at the office in Dwarsrivier.
- Climb up to the the Wolfberg Cracks. If time permits, walk the few km extra to the Wolfberg Arch. (Organise permits at the Dwarsrivier office the day before, so that you can get an early start; it gets hot and the clims is in the sun the whole afternoon)
- Jump off the cliffs at the Maalgat.
- Walk to the Maltese Cross (Permit at Dwarsriver)

Singletrack: Orange Route

It may help to lower your seat for the Orange singletrack downhills.

Orange route


Wolfberg Cracks

Stadsaal Caves

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