Monday, November 5, 2012

Berg & Bush: The perfect event for MBA-legs (or any other cant-train excuse)

So, you love mountainbiking but you cannot do events like Joburg2C, 3 Towers or Sabie Xperience because you have no time to train?

Berg and Bush. The original 2-day.

The distances (65 and 50 km) are enough to present a proper challenge, but not too hard to take all day. You can be back for an afternoon nap.

The vertical ascent per day is doable and the singletrack is ridable without being boring. There's no 'lite' event, so no one will ask you that evening at dinner if you did the 'real' event or not. Spioenkop is enough of a challenge to provide a sense of achievement, and the speedboat-crossing adds some excitement. The river was in flood, so we couldn't do the Zipline across the rive. Will have to go back for that :)

Enter early enough to get a river-front tent. This is the view from the tent. Bikes still clean - clearly before the ride :)

Loading the boats for the 2 km speedboat-trip across the dam. some big waves made this a very interesting ride. And the downhills down to this river! Some of the best on this event ... and there were many good ones.

The view from the spioenkop-downhill. The track sometimes split into dualtrack. Was very cool to discover these splits and been able to fly down the singletrack without congestion :)

Lazy Saturday Afternoon.

Sundowners on Spioenkop, where master trackbuilder Gary entertained us with stories of charging rhino, and a history lesson.

well done, Berg & Bush!

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