Friday, March 30, 2012

When did we grow up?

The previous night's storm made the Dark&Dirty tracks dust-free. Those tracks that we could find, anyway. Long after-summer grass and lots of new construction sites made the once-familiar tracks hard to find.  First we couldn't find Vetseun - we hiked the bikes quite a bit to get back on track - with a low plane coming in for a landing, and city-light below us on both sides of the koppie. Later (after Python-grins) we couldn't find Quadbuster either. We portaged the bikes up to the birthday-tree, and celebrated DK's birthday with easter eggs, jamcakes (thx Adri) and gluhwein (thx Ducttape).

Going down heartbreak-hill was much easier than the usual drag up. Then up the St George's tracks (where a new fence made it difficult to get through to the singletrack next to the highway). A fast chase down Shebeen Queen, up Mieliemuur, and back at the Spur just in time to order some hot chocolate and chips before the kitchen closed.

Still the most fun you can have on a Thursday night.

Thank you Oupa Gerrit for Trailmeistering, Ducttape for Sweeping, and everyone else for the laughs and the chats and the companionship and for having our childhoods all over again.

When did we grow up? 

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