Monday, November 14, 2011

Mountain Bike Orienteering: Groenkloof (12 October 2011)

It was a bright beautiful morning. The first rains of summer came and went, so the singletrack was dustfree and fast - not muddy yet, as it will become towards the end of Summer. Groenkloof and Fountains was green and alive. As I got my bike ready, I could smell the aliveness in the spring air, and in my head i could hear U2: 'It's a beautiful daaaayyyyy!'

I haven't been to Orienteering much this year, so it was great so greet long-forgotten friends from adventure racing, orienteering, mountain biking and even one of our Swazi-Xtreme seconds :)

Alex (Pope) scouted Fountains, so it was the first time that it was included in MTB orienteering. Yaaaay!

Fountains is one of my all-time favourite places to ride, so I went by singletrack as far as I could. It wasn't the most efficient, but it sure was the most fun :D

After collecting all the Fountains checkpoints, the route took us out the gate and we collected a new map. Took me ages to figure out where I was on the new map. Then on towards Groenkloof. This time I deliberately didn't stay on familiar tracks, but rather tried to pick the most efficient tracks. interesting to see how my favourite pieces of singletrack connects - and next time we need a shortcut home, I won't have to first complete all the singletrack - i''ll actually know a shortcut :)

Winning time was just under an hour; I took double that time, collected all the PCs, and went home with a lucky draw packet of peanuts :)

Already checking out the Orienteering calendars for the next MTBO.

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