Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dark & Dirty Jinglebellride

Too soon it was the end of another year.

We couldn't remember the Jinglebell-lyrics from last year, so we had to invent new ones.
End of the World wasn't as gnarly as I remember (it looks like it could have been used as vehicle-access to either a Sanral project or a Gautrain project)
Gauntlet was every bit as cool as I remember.
The lights was pretty, the tar downhills in the rain exhilarating, the company exquisite.

It's got to be Dirty
It's got to be diii-i-i-rty!
Too many people take second best
I wouldn't settle for anything less
It's got to beeeee-e-eeeeee DIRTY

Lawley Street lights.

Eric's glowing frame.

Oupa Gerrit sorting out his fairy lights. Rainproof and accident-proof. 

It definately looked like rain, dear.

Zu thinking about how she'd beaten Mummy Man up one of the long steep climbs.

1 comment:

Jacques Booysen said...

What? Zu beating me up one of the climbs ;)
O, ja, i remember i declared it illegal to race because it was Christmas.