Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red Ants Rumble - Wolkberg

I missed the prologue due to work-commitments & heave friday-afternoon-traffic. It was frustrating being a spectator while other people had fun :-(

The rumble was absolutely beautiful!  It was more like a sightseeing come-see-all-the-stunning-and-exciting-things-in-our-area-show-off than a race ... for us, anyway!

Imagine running through a plantation at 3 on a windless hot summer night.
Or paddling on an enchanted lake (cause of all the glow sticks that seems to not be there) just before daybreak (just ignore the broken rudder here)
Or cycling on single track lined with huge white st Joseph lilies for kilometers.
Or abseiling next to waterfalls, or jumping into mountain pools, or cycling up a hill on your mountain bike on a tar road and passing the roadies on their morning training rides!
Or going for a hike in the Wolkberg, to all the sightseeing-spots that you'd see if you were there for an Easter weekend, including breathtaking waterfalls - plus crawling through the unexpected cave on top of the mountain.
Or searching for a checkpoint inside a magical cave as big as a town hall & lots of stalactites & -mites covered in fluorescent water droplets.
Or being attacked by swarms of bats in a mineshaft!
Or ending the race on a place with a stupid name like hilltop (mountaintop would've been more descriptive)

Imagine doing all of this in ONE fun-filled character-revealing tiring awesome weekend.

A great experience - if you ignore the two really nasty steep never-ending rocky climbs pushing the bicycles - it was like doing Dirtrider's hill 318 times back to back.  :-( 

we finished last official team - again! but this time also the very last team! need to work on that navigation & time spent in transitions - we're far too social!  :-)
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